This is a my newest website and it is just starting to grow.

My name is Rick Howard and I have been involved with Internet Marketing since mid 2004.
As with most newbie marketers I thought I would give it a try as I heard and read that if you put
up a website you could get very rich. I saw the ads and I believed.
Well after much time and money invested I learned the hard way it was not all true.

Now since I already had a very good paying job I decided to take the time and learn as much as I
could to what internet marketing was really all about. I soon discovered (2005) it was really marketing using the internet as a base. Just as you would put a store in a mall.
I put my business on the internet, worked hard and it was up-up and away from there.
(with a few set backs here and there I had to overcome)

Since then I have had many niche websites, membership sites and blogs. Some good, some not so
good and some just awful. I am a quiet and mostly private person who doesn’t really enjoy a lot of
Limelight so you may have heard of me as one of the “Mr. X’s” or one of the “Unknown Marketers”
and that way I was always there.

This is how I learned what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. Yes I learned the methods necessary to build traffic and a customer base. And of course make sales.

In 2017 I had to add the E. to my name (Rick E. Howard) as there were too many Rick Howard’s
registered around the web. ie: If you take a look at the sales page of a book I have published
on Amazon’s Kindle “The Marketers Protocol” which is a must read (I mean it, and not because
I wrote it), and if you scroll down to the author.  That is not me pictured! I’ve tried but have not been
able so far to have it changed. Another example of things that can go wrong.
And yes as with anything in life, in Internet Marketing things can and do go wrong.

My main goal here is to help you on your journey to Internet Marketing success. To avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes I made along the way. To help you finally find a feeling of self accomplishment.
That you are getting somewhere and moving in the right direction. To have someone to go to when you need answers. But, mostly not to steer you in the wrong direction. Remember I’m an Internet Marketer
when you are successful, I’m successful and I will always be there for you. All you have to do is ASK!

Remember, no matter what other marketers tell you just to make a sale, there are no magic buttons, no back doors and no secret shortcuts.
True success takes time using evergreen methods that worked in the past, work now, and will always work in the future. These methods change to blend with the times and always keep producing results.
I DO NOT promote Junk or BS products just to make a sale. If I promote something it has to be a good and worthwhile product. Always remember only buy if it meets your needs and not for the bonuses that always collect dust on your hard drive,

I always answer all eMails sent to me. So if you need help or have any questions, I will get back to
you as soon as possible. Just eMail me at:  rick@rickehoward.com 

Remember that there are no dumb questions and there are solutions to almost any problem.

To your much success
Rick E. Howard