Becoming An Internet Marketing Entrepreneur?

It’s not always fun and games

People become Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s just because their job is boring, offers little and/or doesn’t pay enough to keep them. Other times, after a long life of working they realize that they can do better with their own online business. Yet others start a business because they just want more freedom.

While there are these and many more reasons for becoming an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur (IME), it’s essential you choose the right niche that fits you, if you want to be successful. It’s great to say you’re an IME, but it’s another thing to really be a successful IME.

What Is an Entrepreneur?

There is a lot of discussion about what makes an IME. For example, a freelancer is not really an IME in the sense of creating a business that they can retire from and still earn money, or sell to someone else and it continue running.

An entrepreneur builds a business that can outlast them, while a freelancer earns money providing services or benefits to others for income. Now if that other person is not in the picture, the freelancer won’t have any income.

Both are perfectly good ways to earn a living, but the goals are really different. One is to work and earn money, and the other is to build something that will outlast you while earning money today. You can choose to call either one of these, business owner or entrepreneur, but technically there is a mindset difference that is very subtle:

1 Entrepreneurs build a business that outlasts themselves
2 Freelancers build jobs that support themselves and their family

SO, Do You Have the Right Personality to Be an Entrepreneur?

An important aspect of Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship is whether you have the personality to do it or not.
Are you self-motivated? Can you act without a boss? If you notice you are missing some of the personality traits that entrepreneurs possess, can you make up for it by acquiring those traits or skills?

What Characteristics Do You Need to Become an Entrepreneur?

There are lots of articles you can read all about all the personality traits that an entrepreneur should have.
So many of them bring up the idea that you have to be passionate about your work. However, there are many more important things than just passion when it comes to your business success. Knowing that, some days you will hate your business. But you really don’t have to be that passionate about the work, just excited about the results.

Skills and personality traits that you need to be successful all hinges on your ability to do the work.


What’s The #1 Thing you need for Making Money Online?

…Warren Buffet…Bill Gates…

(It’s Not What You Think…)

Bill Gates father asked Warren Buffet & Bill Gates, 2 of the richest men on the planet to write down the #1 thing responsible for their success…

Both of them went off in separate directions & wrote down the same word…

That word was FOCUS…

And that’s the #1 reason you will struggle to make money online if you’re not focusing on the right things…

Expertise –  You need to know what you are doing. Without that, you need to at least have someone you can call on who knows what they, as the expert, are doing. Plus, if you have to or want to you can outsource things in your business that you don’t know or want to know how to do .

Perseverance – Once you start a business, you must not give up when the first thing goes wrong. You have to be able to stay with it until you experience success. If you have done the necessary research and you have your actions planned, you need to do all that is planned. Stick to it for at least a prescribed amount of time then make changes till your success.

Resilience – Truth, an entrepreneur has to be able to fall down and get right back up. It’s important because you are going to second-guess yourself. This is normal. All businesses have normal ups and downs. Your ability to fight on is what will make you a successful entrepreneur.

Motivation – If you don’t have the ability to motivate yourself to achieve a vision that you have in your head, it’s going to be hard to be successful. However, if you lack motivation but you have the skills and desire, you can always find a coach to help you.

Commitment – This is the ability to really be in your business 150 percent. You don’t want to treat this business or any business you have as a hobby. You want to do your best, always, and stick with your business and make it work.

Other traits are also important, but when you notice that IME’s encompass all types of personalities, from introverts to extroverts and everything in between, you will quickly understand what makes them successful.

Research and take forward action that helps you reach the goals you make, no matter what it takes.
In short, DOING is what makes you successful. You can have all the intention in the world plus
all the plans in your head, but if you DON’T DO SOMETHING, nothing will ever happen.
NOTHING will change. Do Something.

Once you make a choice to become an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, the next thing you need to do is to make a decision to start to be successful.
Remember, the most successful businesses are conducted by people who are always doing. When you set up your business plan, ALWAYS set it up for taking action and doing things. When you do take action, you’re going to be that much closer to being successful.

What are you waiting for?

Rick E. Howard

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