Do You Need To Know The Difference?

When you purchase products online for resale it is pretty easy, not to mention cheap even sometimes free.
Importantly you knowing and understanding the differences between PLR, MRR and RR is going to give you a better insight of what you’re buying.

It will also let you know the ways you can market these types with a better knowledge of your products.

So, when purchasing digital products online you should always make sure you understand the laws that protect both you, the buyer, and the creator of the product. This will ensure you never get in trouble.

Private Label Rights

In addition to allowing you to purchase a product, PLR also allows you to change or modify it in the way you like.
Basically you can treat a PLR product as if you created it yourself, however, in all cases you should always, always, always make sure you read the fine print, knowing that some licenses can have more restrictions. Most do, so make sure it’s for you and what you intend to do with it.

Not all PLR can be modified and sold with rights and not all PLR can be given away for free. Branding rights get confusing with PLR so keep in mind some products will only allow you to brand a product with affiliate links but can’t be changed or altered. Again, know before hand.

Master Resell Rights

MRR will allow you to resell the product with regular resell rights that come with the product, basically this means the person you sell the product to will be able to resell it to their own customers as well. This means that MRR products are more preferable for prospects who would like the freedom to distribute the products as a way to maximize profit.

MRR rights work a lot like resell rights in the sense that you are allowed to distribute the product to your customers and make profits, but you are not allowed to alter the content in any way.

In The Case of Resell Rights

You can not claim authorship or add resell rights to the product. The main reason for this is, products in this category
are designed to be sold to buyers for their own use, without giving anyone the rights to distribute or resell the product.

Understanding these rights is a must when you want to obtain or distribute products such as eBooks, videos or other digital products, because some of these products may have many and sometimes confusing regulations.

If you feel you need more information on some of these regulations, you should always contact a legal professional who understands the rights to digital products.


    2 replies to "PLR-MRR-RR Do You Really Need To Know The Difference?"

    • Bob Gatto

      Hi Rick,
      This is a great post identifying the differences between PLR and MRR. I for one have always been interested in PLR and you’ve clarified a lot. Well written!!

      • Rick

        Thank you Bob, PLR is the one source of information that has saved
        marketers countless hours of time to get their message out. Either
        as content or a product.

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