Stop Aiming For Failure!

Always Aim For Internet Marketing Success.

 Set your mind that failure really is not an option. Outline your plans, follow them and
move over and around any roadblocks.
Frustration and the lack of moving forward usually comes from situations where people
is not their fault. Blame it all you want to somebody or something else, but the fault always
lies to the person who fails to schedule, set goals and objectives and take the proper action

Pitfalls in Setting Goals and Objectives

1. Where are you at?

Is my goal attainable where I am right now?
Know your personal circumstance and decide if the goal that you need to set is reachable.
It should be reachable within the time table you plan.

2. What obstacles are there?

Are there time constraint in reaching this goal? I have other work, can I finish it on time
to do this task? After you understand your personal circumstance, take note of your issues.
Make a list so you can manage each one properly.

3. What strategies you can use to overcome them?

Setting goals and objectives is very careful planning. A person must identify possible
roadblocks to the completion of the goal and outline strategies to handle them.

What is Often Overlooked

1. Setting of priorities

Identify your priorities in life. Most people don’t even know who or what they want in the
future. Know your priorities and push your priorities when needed.

2. Accept Your Fears

Most people fear to set goals. Either they are afraid of their future or they just simply want
to enjoy the present. Usually, fear is identified as the main reason.

Fear of setting your goals too high and failure. Fear of making a commitment.
Fear of not knowing what course to follow.

Whatever you fear, just know that by setting goals and objectives, you are always, step by step,
moving towards your dream.

3. Goals are a road-map of your Life

Most people wrongly see goals as restrictions or obstacles to their sense of freedom.
But they should see goals the other way around. It is a map that you make. It shows you where
you are and what roads you are taking.

You made that map. It is yours to change according to what priority changes you have.

4. Always check your Goals

Unfortunately, goals are set but are forgotten during the day. They need to be regularly checked
to remind yourself of what needs to be accomplished to reach your goal. Goals will give you input
to what action to take or if it is a best time to pause.

Again, Always Aim For Internet Marketing Success

Rick E. Howard


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